The Key Peninsula Parks & Recreation Foundation was founded to financially help support our local Park District and function as a non-profit liaison between them and potential donors. Our mission is to help preserve and grow our local parks and public lands while at the same time providing donors with tax benefits for their contributions.

Your Parks Foundation is an IRS approved 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation which operates under very high standards as set forth by the Land Trust Alliance, of which we are a member. We are here to help you, help preserve and build your Key Pen Park system. Donations can be small or large, they all help.

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If you'd like to help your community you have come to the right place. Your local Parks Foundation could have just the opportunity; from temporary assistance to helping us be ready to respond to both opportunities or challenges, to supporting a funding drive by delivering information to those who need it or connecting resources to areas of need. There are a lot of options when it comes to helping.

You can become involved and contribute to our parks here on the Key Peninsula in many ways:

  • Volunteer – skills like grant writing, legal assistance, and tax advice are just a few.
  • Donate – Cash, land or other tangible assets.
  • Participate – in special fund raising events and show your support by attending.
  • Watch for updates and info. in our newsletters

Any amount of time, effort or money moves the Foundation toward reaching its goals to help to support Key Pen Park in pursuits such asRead More Button

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